BoC Community

In the early 2000s I joined a few forums about the Scottish music duo Boards of Canada and connected with lots of people around the globe. Here’s how I remember when the various forums started but please correct me if I’m inaccurate:

Original Yahoo Group (est. 2001) – eventually got filled with SPAM and was closed
Files of Canada (est. 2002) – fun community projects
New Boards of Canada Group (est. 2004) – continued the mission of the original group
Twoism (est. 2004) – present landing page

It was there I met D2k1, Ten and Tracer, Helios, Loafeye, Fieldtriqp, and the dude that picked up vinyl from my house (hey Joe). We inspired each other to create music, shared influences (books, art, movies), and speculated about the next BoC release or what messages were hidden when playing tracks backwards.

In 2007 released its first album, One On Twoism, and the community got to contribute their music and  album design talents. The following year I’m proud to have participated in One On Twoism vol.2 where I sampled Ira Glass and his mother talking about relationships in the first episode of This American Life. I always felt like my music didn’t necessarily fit the aesthetic of One on Twoism but I was glad to be included.

For your enjoyment here are a couple files from the various Yahoo groups – a fantastic mashup featuring PBS synths juxtaposed with 1970’s Isle Of Wight Festival, and 3 songs about the BoC t-shirts we made before official ones were actually available.