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SleepXP & Blue Light Filters

While there is still more music and thoughts to share, the past FEW months I’ve been on an adventure – learning about WordPress, SEO, and researching about something I’ve been passionate about. Check it out: SleepXP    


Today I opened up my old Max patches for the first time in years and was transported to a wonderful time of electronic creativity. The first patch above was a performance-based sample player for my Max-MSP final project where the input was controlled by a USB gamepad. In 2003 I wrote a paper “How Interactivity…
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BoC Community

In the early 2000s I joined a few forums about the Scottish music duo Boards of Canada and connected with lots of people around the globe. Here’s how I remember when the various forums started but please correct me if I’m inaccurate: Original Yahoo Group (est. 2001) – eventually got filled with SPAM and was…
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The Mission

Back in 2008 I stopped recording (electronic) music due to the normal ebb and flow of life. Priorities shifted – college was over and so was seemingly endless free time, I started to focus on my career, and I got married & started a family. Time was spent noodling around with various synthesizers and jamming…
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