From 1999-2009 I played with dozens of synthesizers, tabletop grooveboxes, vintage analog synths, FX pedals, Max MSP patches, and DAWs. Countless hours were spent on eBay and Craigslist tracking down equipment, and once acquired sometimes I would only keep the new gear around for a month before reselling it. Below is a selection of my most used gear over the years and some raw sound samples when possible.


Bedroom Studio Circa 2006


Studio RTA Work Station desk


Max MSP in action


Purple Fizmo rack hiding

Yamaha AN1x

Released in 1997 the AN1x is my favorite virtual analog synth of all time and primary workhorse. Many songs were started from an An1x patch that inspired a melody. The keyboard controller has aftertouch and the mod wheel can pan between “scenes” of the patch creating dynamic sounds, especially pads. Onboard FX are fantastic. Yamaha needs to released an updated version of the AN1x with more than 10 voices and 127 parameter steps.

There have been 3 related AN-technologies but nothing beats the keyboard.
* AN200 – groovebox with the PLG-150AN card
* PLG-150AN card – could plug in to other Yamaha keyboards
* AN2015 (part of Yamaha Synth Book app) – haven’t tried it



Roland SH-2

After playing a handful of the SH line, such as the classic SH-101 and simpler SH-9, the SH-2 stayed with me the longest. It came out in 1978-79 and I scored one in mint condition from Japan with original case. Ran it through various guitar pedals such as a Boss Digital Delay and Mu-Tron Phasor II.


Elektron Monomachine
Elektron MachineDrum UW

Incredible boxes from Sweden. Instead of staring at a computer I could sit down on the couch and create beep boops.


Ensoniq Fizmo

Throughout the years I was curious about various types of synthesis (although let’s be honest…distracted by shiny things) and wanted to check out Ensoniq’s newest 1998 release. It’s basically wavetables with layered variations in harmonic structures that can be modulated over time by a variety of options. Organic sounds, right? More sounds flowed over midnight sessions than were actually recorded with this thing.


Waldorf XTk
Waldorf Q

KNOBS. COLORS. The “Cadillac” of synths. Buuuuut I just couldn’t create the sounds I wanted.